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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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now you don't have to dig in and fought with the nasty substance is if you have reason to building it's truly offense and cilician then clean it up supervisor kim. >> i judge had a quick question on the notice he will i know a lot of buildings have it you mentioned you can get that there the puc. >> yes. >> how will you procure that. >> well call our customer services on golden gate avenue we'll talk about the material and the equipment and we have literature and cail our water simply hotline and so so if
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you're washing your car with no notice he will and letting the water run that's not allowed. >> okay. >> and the puc had programs that a lot of people don't know about in terms of faucets and showerheads there's a lot of past number of years ago when you sell a home have a local toilet in and i think there might be a rebeat for that. >> yeah. we'll cover that. >> for those things people don't know. >> we want to make sure that the programs are gotten out there and the last of the prohibitions is the decorative water foundations those are
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noting not hard to comply with their statewide we have them in the books the shut off notice he lives and the wasting water is not a good idea we'll go beyond those if it gets worse but there those are a starting point through august it's collectively down 12 percent one hundred and 88 gallons and dpw the port and the puc and rec and park are above the 10 percent reduction goal and 79 percent for the housing goal but those are collectively it's one hundred and 88 mile gallons saved and the department saved so the big users are robust and most of the departments submitted a plan and
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people are doing their share and it is the plumbing fixtures we're going to help people replace those and the 3 devices to fix those. >> backing up to one of your boarder points about the sour 85 percent of our water comes from the river; is that correct? >> yes. >> how does it compare to other cities we're extremely reinstate on one source is that that typical should he be trying to diverse. >> we tend to be more reinstate on one source we have the local ours resources like if there's
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hetch hetchy are plumbing we're diversifying our water sources we've improved two ground projects in the past year local ground water on the west side and the recovery project on the with wholesale customers that is before the board later on this month to move forward with the construction ear working hard to diversity our resources but at the same time, if i had to pick a water shed in california it would be it. >> the wall me providing more do you see that number going down as we go online with the other sources. >> it b b will come to balancing certainly the ground water project in san francisco weight provide about 4 million glances a day nate's that's not
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a large number we can jump that up so i think we want to vary the use depends on on the conditions optimize the quality. >> thank you. >> i have one last slide what about next year what's going to happen anyone that tells us they know is lying we have to think about multiplied possibilities above precipitation we'll be on the arrow radio road for recovery but if next year is similar to 2007 which was the last time of the memorandum of the dry year the results will be okay we'll be able to maintain the 10 percent demand rooipgs
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reduction if we have something nearer to 1977 that's a serious situation if that happens we'll need to plan early next year for a 20 percent reduction and we'll talk about the supply demands we have the modeling we take our types and i'll tell you we had 3 really bad years will be a challenge but we'll find a way because we have to i'll be happy to answer my questions before i turn it over to the next department. >> okay. >> thank you to the board members. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm rancho director of the policy and communications for san francisco public works thank you, supervisor wiener and others public works is one of
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the bigger needs for our landscaping and our other facilities we have dauvengly reduced this since the water consumption and kit it in half you see from the slide from august 2013 to 2014. >> it was 2/3rd's. >> also, if you look at the last month's between july and august 2014 that's because we started to cut off our automatic irrigations i want to talk about a few things in public works we limited itself things to the public health hazard instead of the the regular waiting we have our crews in the 311 go out on the regular runs again, we're
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looking for human waste and pet waste and urination and body will i fluids we've restricted the sweep trucks you see in the neighborhoods we use the water on the sweepers when its duty i didn't but not on automatically we shut them off through the intersections and the businesses and also for public works we are restricted when we wash our vehicles and a we used to hose them down but now only when they smell bone of the biggest initiatives we've turned off our automatic irrigation we turn it on manually and want to make sure with the plastic bags are
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taken hold into the ground we'll hand water on the new planting and using reproclaimed water when the big trucks go out in the first and last run that's the from the treatment plant. >> can i ask we get a lot of questions since there is a shift my understanding is dpw has stopped watering grass allowing the grass on the mediums or other dpw maintained is that a letting the grass die knock on wood and we can replant or bring the grass back and any trees or plants that require watering are still being water for example, new trees have to be water for
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awhile and then the plants that we planted recently have been drought resistant. >> we want to make sure that the plant and trees are established we h have been 5 hundred trees along the curbs their hand watering them if that's right not established and we mentioned we're thank you for the opportunity in drought tolerant planter along 19 boulevard and we started to recovery the grass on sunset so we have them on gerrero street and mission street downtown i'll be seeing that you'll over the city to pull that out so the grass will die we'll put in new planting we will hopefully, the grass will come back with a little bit of water and it's not
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overly expensive we're trying to reshape our landscaping and looking for water resistant lowering our water use to my of our landscaping. >> when did dpw start planting only drought resistant. >> we have a new policy; is that right this year when the mayor made the declaration to cut by 10 percent to put in the drought plants we've been doing it on a case by case basis on gerrero and 19 avenue he knew that was a smart way to do that in san francisco. >> thank you i'm going to go to the next slide when we get there sorry i hit it too many times here i apologize for that
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my finger got trigger-happy here. >> sorry guys. >> people laugh at me i went to rec and park urge you to help me i'm going to talk about some new initiatives that are important one in san francisco the tenderloin pit stop program that commenting knows about we're going to do something the tenderloin pit stop is something we began in july not only to save the water with the puc in terms of implementing that but it brings in 3 public toilets to the tenderloin we truck them in 3 days a week in and out and we found that usage is going up since july we now have one
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hundred and 50 uses per day that operates one flush over 5 minutes and we've seen it is helping with the water saving we used to get 28 requests now down to 19 we expect that to keep dropping it's fwoom o too soon to say but in the last couple of months it's not a tremendous enemy amount of water but each steam requests oozed uses less line one hundred and 35 fwlalgz from russian hill and he this pilot to those neighborhoods we will be using those and it takes money and staffing the tenderloin pit stop works well,
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because we have staffing there someone that is there at the tenderloin pit stops so they're feeling safe coming in and using them and monitoring who is using it and what times of day and on the focusness. >> supervisor kim i want to do a plug we get so much positive feedback from the tenderloin those who it need to use the toilets and also from our
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nightclubs and residents they've notifying a there's so thank you to dpw and we've been talking about this for 2 years it's a difference whatever the data is it's supporting our an idol data. about water saving advertise dignity for people to go somewhere not going to the bathroom in an alley so it happens all around unless you have questions i'm going to turn it over to rec and park. >> the slide right before that i think was the confusion where someone skipped over that the dwp use of water i know we'll be talking about that literary later in terms of strategy the gallons how does that. >> so common sense that we would be aggressive and moving towards cycled water. >> sorry supervisor we use it
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for flushing down the street and cleaning as well as irrigation we have watering trucks that you see we have a hose to water the plant we're eager to increase our use of recycled water. >> commissioners, i think that rec and park is next welcome, sir. >> good afternoon, supervisors supervisor wiener and committee thank you very much for this opportunity rec and park since we've been doing a lot we welcome the opportunity to highlight the work we've been doing can i have the slide please. the rec and park is one of the largest municipal waters used in the city we're arguably the
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largest 35 hundred acres of open space this come prices 14 percent of the city's total real estate unanimous be water usage by rec and park to maintain this is seven hundred and 95 thousand 3 hundred 36 cubic feet i believe there's seven hundred 48 in each cubic foot i'm going to divide my presentation into the long-term and short term strategies on our long term irrigation is a very big factor where oath a lot of our water usage goes we have a partnership with the puc and the rec and park has received large escape grants totally more than $2 million from the puc for the
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irrigation encroachments we've completed them as the james weldon johnson square and balboa park those grants were intend to fund irrigation retrofits and maximize those through the innovation practices we've achieved the replacement of leaking and antiquated systems and the low water and another low watering projects those are saving $5.1 million gallons to one hundred and 38 single-family homes additionally we're happy to report the project it will be the retrofitted alamo square we have expired water at harden
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park and this last week we've started the recycled water on pacifica and then we're in a large and complex project with the puc to connecting connect and bring kr50ir9d water into golden gate park and lincoln park beyond 2017 continuing the long term strategies the green in our capital design we've put many our renovated keeping the water run off and retention on the site we've had fire retention on the background that that keeps the 12r0r789 on site and the roof on the hayes playground and the retention at the recreation center that keeps
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the strorment out of the system and keeps it on site for the peculiarlation wife mentioned the native and drought plants in our scrapes are exploring the use of the paving as required moving to the short term conservation strategies things we've stitd in the last couple of months we have water free wednesday no waters systems on wednesday for the twenty-four hour period we've recused the irrigation open our 7, 8, 9ers and the manual controls by 10 percent and shut off non-regulating features on mission playgrounds and lafayette park and children's park and golden gate park for
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those features we've reduced the practitionersal times with the golden gate park and the foundation and the plazas and huntington park the department stopped the washing of all vehicles and equipment and halted the facilities that except with compromise in removing wastes waste in the bathrooms continuing the strategies we've using pdr that stangz for the time technology it is a big fancy word for a water probe we have a probe to stick into my landscape and it patrolling measures the water in the roots system to calculate the actual water that's need and no more so we're going to use that
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throughout our parks and golf courses and established a 10 percent restrictions in our capital projects we've noted it this to our contractors so they're pursuing the same goal and also four our concessioners with the 10 percent goal and how they can help us achieve that public education continues in your recreation areas or public restrooms where people gather to help us reduce the water uncle a reduce the shower times and ask them to report the leaks through 311 and for the previous discussion about the hospitals with shut off values you'll find
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those in rec and park or down at the marina with the birthing so all hospitals have been retrofitted to make sure they have shut offices and then feinstein open the short time conservation strategies water repairs question have prioritized all of the maintenance and repair work orders through our electronic or 311 system airbnb after an emergency or work orders are the next priority and that completed some since february 1st and $150,000 in funding line to convert low efficiency to high efficiency and nearly one 3rd through the $150,000 with that work so how are we doing this number
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i think shows where we are at the moment the top line is the august 2013 and the second like is the same time in 2014 we have a 79 thousand cubic feet reduction we have a 15.4 reduction in our water uncle we're monitoring with the puc with that, that concludes my update i'll be happy to answer questions. >> sure two questions so right now in - is rec and park we've heard the dpw is allowing the grass to die on 3450e78dz with the eventually go to graced again what if anything is rec and park letting die. >> we've wrestled that that
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quite a bit we've not issued a death sentence to our landscapes that is in our possibility we've looked at rewe're monitoring the reduction is going i think rachel made mention to balance that against the loss of the landscape infrastructure in the replacement costs being the large several arc park lourgz or losing that i'm not going to speak for dpw but we've got the open space we'll have the athletic fields and people that e places that people want to go and enjoy right now we're not sort of segregating off our open space for no irrigation but that remains as steve mentioned if we have to up the game it's
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certainly on the at the other end of the table. >> i truly hope that could not e won't come to that it is depressing and in terms of the moving towards rekr50i8gd water we're moving forward with the golden gate park but my apologies if you said this by right now currently what percentage of rec and park water use of the reclaimed water and where do you see that being what percentage you see i'm not being articulate where will be percentage be in a few years. >> i don't have a percentage i mention the two parks are harry defining and sharp through the inner city and sharp park through the north county water
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district but we're like i said, it is a big project through the puc but it's complex it's a combination of the couple of being able to apply that with the state law that tithe regulates the water. >> for the water features like the really wonderful features for kids on mission playground that under state law you can't use the water this is unsanctuary for the kids. >> that's right. >> the kids will have to wait until the drought is over. >> great. >> supervisor kim. >> i know that's little number one feature about our parks.
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>> the only feature ourselves not been able to provide that feature. >> this question cape when you talked about the parks i was occurs about curious about the rec and park has for cleaning up the centers the slides and the play structures in the playground. >> we have never been washing down regularly you know play structures and playgrounds you know we certainly sweep them and keep them free of sand and clean them up from litter and debris but hospitalizing them down let me back up we power washed a few of them for example, if there recent bird dropz but it is not a scheduled maintenance practice ad hoc when needed and we don't
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have clarence of our playground equipment. >> no. >> i'm talking about power washing how do we clean our equipment and it's surface cleaned by backroom or brush dry wiping it down but the power washing even before the drought it on came into play if it was needed. >> how often do we clean our playground equipment. >> the custodians are through everyday for example, the sand is swept bag into the sand area by in terms of like i said the wiping down of a play structure is only for the places that needs it. >> is that complaint driven or do we check the


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